Review: LG UltraWide 34-inch 5K Display – worth the wait?

The LG LG34WK95U UltraWide 34-inch 5K2K display (On sale for $1399 at B&H: ) is a 21:9 display with a native resolution of 5120×2160. Is it the perfect display for Final Cut Pro X? Read full review:

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37 Comments on Review: LG UltraWide 34-inch 5K Display – worth the wait?

  1. I saw it at my local a/v store last weekend. I think for video, it’s quite fantastic. Resolution and build quality looked great to me. I wouldn’t use it for photography due to the 21:9 aspect ratio. It’s just too short. There was an excellent 4k 31″ LG monitor next to it in 16:9 ratio that looked much better for photography and half the price.

    I’ve read quite a number of glitches with the monitor but I think they’ll be worked out soon enough.

    • Yeah, this display is vertically challenged, but to be fair, it has the same vertical resolution as the 4K display you were looking at 😛

    • +9to5Mac Yes, but the physical height, not resolution, makes it look like you’re looking at a smaller image. The physical height of the monitor is the same as my 24″ 16:9 monitor. So like I said.. For video production it could be great because of the landscape-oriented format. But photographers might be better off with something taller.

      Keep up the great work! I especially like the more recent videos where there is a harder yet fair critique of the gear you review.

  2. I purchased this monitor, as an upgrade from my Dell 3415w monitor. I simply prefer the widescreen aspect ratio for my workflow and screen layouts. I have primarily used single monitor solutions since switching to wide screens. I drive this monitor with a 2017 MBP 15″ (TB3) and a Corsair One Elite (DP). I do not plug directly into the monitor with my MBP. I plug into a CalDigit TB3 Plus and from the CalDigit I plug into the monitor on TB3. The CalDigit provides power to keep me on a single cable to the MBP (which was necessary when I was using the Dell). Everything works perfectly fine for my use cases. I do game some with the Corsair One and found that it is a bit better than my old Dell (still locked in at 60hz) so it isn’t the best option for gaming. I agree with the screen wobble on the cheap monitor stand. I have moved to a wall mount articulating arm and have found that significantly more stable as I never planned to keep the stand anyway.

    • That’s a big upgrade, coming from that Dell. I bet you’re enjoying that sharp text. Also, good move on the stand. Glad LG included 100×100 VESA mount. And also, love the CalDigit TS3 Plus. Such an underrated Thunderbolt 3 accessory!

  3. While my purchase decision is not imminent, I have been thinking for some time of getting a two-computer setup with an eGPU. One computer would be a laptop; possibly a 13-inch 2018 MacBook Pro or even a 2018 MacBook Air, to be used as a primary personal workstation and be highly mobile. Secondary computer would be a 2018 Mac Mini w/ Core i7x6, to be used an an occasional video editing and graphics workstation. Tow monitors would be used: a high-res ultrawide like this LG LG34WK95U seen here, and another 4K display with 90º rotating capability so I can do desktop publishing work. I want the 4K display to be high-quality HDR with the best graphics ability. Both monitors would be arm-mounted. An eGPU would drive both monitors, or could drive just one for one of the computers while the other monitors could be connected directly to the other computer. I’m wondering if there’s an eGPU in existence that could drive both monitors via ThunderBolt 3 cabling.

    • Haha, what’s funny is that my voice isn’t like that in “real life” I guess it’s just my “professional” speaking voice + the compression.

    • +9to5Mac I think you have an exceptional voice. It’s articulate and engaging, with enough tonal variance to command attention, inspire trust, deliver authenticity. Excellent job.

  4. Jeff, great review. I just picked up this display. I’m coming off the Apple Thunderbolt Display. I absolutely love it. I greatly appreciate the increased real estate. Three open windows side by side is a huge productivity boost. I’m running it off of my new 2018 Mac Mini. I’ve tested it with my 2017 13” MacBook Pro and it works great with the MacBook Pro. I didn’t want to get the LG 5K that Apple sells because I wanted the extra real estate the wide screen gives you. This is a very exciting monitor.

  5. Should be called a 4k ultra wide because thats what it is, a 4k display who had the horizontal length increased by 33% from the regular 16:9 counter part which is what happens in ultra wide resolutions. 5k ultra wide would be 6826 x 2880 and calling it 5k2k is just confusing and total marketing bs

  6. I just don’t understand this monitor’s price tag.

    The LG 34UM95 – an Ultrawide, TB2-enabled display – was released 5+ years ago. When new, it was around $1k USD – I picked mine up for about $790 on sale. 3440×1440 60hz IPS ultrawide display.

    So what does the 34WK95 offer that the 34UM95 didn’t?

    Of course, there’s the “5K2K” resolution, effectively giving a 4K resolution with a little extra on the side (and allowing for macOS to recognize it as “retina”). There’s the software access via LG’s software. And the TB3 connectivity (vs. TB2). Otherwise, it’s still 60 hz. It’s still got crappy speakers. It has a snapper on-screen menu, but I would expect that after 5+ years. It still has a USB 3.0 hub (though it does have one additional port). It still has the same wobble when connected to a VESA mount, and, now that the stand actually has some adjustability, also includes more wobble.

    I could easily get two 4K displays that are more capable (and from LG, mind you, with HDR10 support) with USB-C connectivity and walk out the door paying about the same I paid for the 34UM95 5 years ago or so. And, while it’s not one fluid panel, I’d have more pixels overall.

    I just don’t get it. Maybe if they had a 120hz IPS display, I’d bite. Maybe if it had a resolution closer to a 5K display, I’d bite. But the feature set just doesn’t justify the price tag here.

  7. Thank you! I thought I had to wait on an eGPU to get this to run properly with my Mac mini 2018. For the past 2 weeks I’ve been running 2/3rds of the monitor on Thunderbolt, and the other 1/3rd on HDMI because I thought the Intel GPU wasn’t able to run it natively. Damn you Linus Tech! But the problem was I had the DisplayPort set to 1.4, and your video mentioned it needed to be on 1.2. And that was it, it’s fixed! It’s now running 6720×2834 (looking like 3360×1417). Thanks again!

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