74 Comments on iOS 10’s Overhauled Lock Screen

  1. Looks like Macrumors is stepping up their youtube game, well done guys love
    the intro, outtro, and channel art.

  2. no more slide to unlock? that stinks. My phone’s always in my pocket – I
    don’t like the touch ID, nor the passcode.

    • The 3D Touch stuff will be. The update will ship to iPhone 5 and up. Why am
      I telling you this? Look it up yourself next time.

    • +Vince Linkaling not even sure where to begin. The whole purpose of the
      lock screen is to keep everyone else out. You steal my phone, you get zip
      nada nothing on the lock screen evah.
      3D Touch for a phone so fragile they end up wrapped in nerf – real smart.
      Thinking of selling my SE for a Huawei P9 plus, you know, the phone of 2016
      rather than 2012..

    • Using caps lock and strong language doesn’t make your argument any better.
      Btw, it’s obvious to everyone here that you’re liking your own comments.
      What are you trying to prove with that little 1 thumbs up on each of them?

    • +Fèlix “I’m replying to your stupid comments on my phone while I’m writing
      a book.” Ah, ok. XD

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