iOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak Update! is Jailbreaking Dead ?

iOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak Update! is Jailbreaking Dead ?
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47 Comments on iOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak Update! is Jailbreaking Dead ?

    • +Christopher Walker You’re right and I don’t understand why. Sure they want
      people to pay for their (some) crappy Apps, but what do they think really
      sells iPhones? Jailbreaking! Of course! If a Galaxy 7Edge could be
      jailbroken, I’d be all over it!

    • +Siri
      I ‘think” I know what you’re saying, but it must be I have never searched
      “rooting” an Android. I’m sure it’s out there somewhere. Almost sounds like
      sex with R2D2 lol.

    • +Chris Brady Rooting is pretty cool with the Android!!!! The only phone
      that I could see getting from Android is the Nexus phones because it’s pure
      Android and cuts all the bloatware out that other phones have. Rooting will
      always be there because of the openness of Android/Google. That’s a huge up
      that Android has over Apple.

    • +Dustfromwhichitcame
      Thank you! I wish I understood more about this subject. I’ve been
      jailbreakin Apples so long. I know no other devices.

  1. How many lives were lost? And how many more lives yet to be lost?

  2. everyone should start funding jailbreaking teams. That way they can work
    harder and better for jailbreak as their main work!

  3. Can someone help me out my music app keeps on crashing every time I try to
    use my Apple Music.

  4. Jailbreak will never die; The problem is that sometimes it takes a bigger
    timeframe for a complete tool to be created. You need at least 10 exploits
    for Kernel, iBOOT, SandBox, and so on, you need to bundle Cydia DEB and you
    also have to write the app so you can get SSH access to pull all the files
    into /mnt1/Applications and so on which require a lot of work, not to talk
    about C++ Code obfuscation you need to perform because you don’t want your
    code to be seen by Apple nor by any other copycat 🙂 Let’s just be patient.

  5. i’ve used iphones since the iPhone 3G. I have seen the jailbreaks through
    the years and I really strongly think that jailbreaking is actually dying.
    Nothing really significant since 8.1.2 /9.0…. Apple seems to really hate
    jailbreakers and are working so hard to stop jailbreaks nowadays, it’s sad
    really, they don’t understand the amount of users that would leave apple
    because of the lack of jailbreakability

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