iPhone 7: Which version should you buy?

Should you buy the iPhone 7 Plus of the iPhone 7? How much iPhone 7 storage? 32 GB, 128 GB, or 256 GB? Which iPhone 7 color should you buy? Black, Jet Black, Rose Gold, Gold, or Silver? We discuss each of these buying options in this video commentary.

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33 Comments on iPhone 7: Which version should you buy?

  1. I wanted to get the dual camera set up so I ordered the iPhone plus 128
    (Good news!)
    But I wasn’t thinking and ordered the Black (Bad news) Will get mine in “2

    • Cliff Alexander I’m getting 7 plus (matte) black 128 gb and AT&T gonna take
      forever for mine to come. Really wish it came earlier but I’m not in a rush
      I guess

    • Thank for the info.
      Out of a bone head move I just order Black, not thinking that it would be a
      popular, in fact not thinking about popular and just went to black for that
      is what I always order. Really wish you get yours a lot sooner, my friend
      and take some great pics/video! Best of luck!

  2. Got the Black 7 Plus 128g. Was afraid it might be too big but after 5 days,
    I can’t put it down. Can’t imagine going smaller ever again.

    • Aras Pundys yeh same here I bought the iPhone 5s thinking that the 6&6 plus
      were to big then lost my iPhone 5s. Then ended up with a iPhone 6 Plus and
      after a week I couldn’t go back to 5s now I have the 7 plus

  3. I’ve ordered a Matte Black 128GB 7+ from my Verizon dealer. My mind was
    made up immediately upon seeing it on reveal day. I knew I wanted that
    phone. Just looks like a phone Batman would use. Only sad part is…
    Verizon is saying it won’t ship till Nov.3!! :(

  4. I got the matte black or just black iPhone 7 Plus 256gb. Unfortunately they
    were all sold out of the 128gb configuration. I absolutely love it!!

  5. I ordered the 7. I upgraded to the 6+ and 6s+ when they released and I’m
    now sick of big phones. It’s just not for me. It was cool at first but
    apple did good with keeping small phones for one handed use before they
    made the plus models…but of course small phones isn’t for everyone and I
    respect that.

  6. I would totally agree with you Jeff. 128gb is the sweet spot. I was happy
    to go with 32 with 6. But for Iphone 7 it feels 32 won’t be that much. And
    256 won’t be filled by my creation. So yah 128 gb iPhone 7 Black is my.

    Also Jeff, a request: if you can make a video on HOW TO UN-JAILBREAK an
    APPLE TV 4 th GENERATION. I really need help in that. Tried to look for
    answers on the internet but not success. Got a rapidly blinking led with no
    picture or logo just a black screen on tv. Pls help if u can. Thanks.

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