Mantiz Venus: an eGPU box + docking station for MacBook Pro

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The Mantiz Venus is an upcoming eGPU box that features 87W USB Power Delivery, features 5 USB ports, Ethernet, and SATA. Read more:

Mantiz Venus:

Also check out the Akitio Node eGPU:

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37 Comments on Mantiz Venus: an eGPU box + docking station for MacBook Pro

    • Ain’t nobody got time for that. No, but foreal, my router is too far away to do that. Sorry.

  1. Quick question guys and gals. When is the best time for me to post videos? Like, when do you prefer watching?

  2. Give me a list which graphics cards could fit. You said RX 480 and GTX 1080 already.

  3. I love these videos! Keep the eGPU posts coming!!

    – Have you tried this on the Macbook Pro 2016 w/out touchbar?
    – Have you tried this on the new Macbook (slim)?

    • It won’t work on the MacBook (USB only, no TB3). It would work very similarly on the 13-inch Touchbar-less MacBook Pro as it does on my 13-inch Touch Bar model. Thanks for watching, Richard.

    • Thanks for the quick reply!

      Forgot to ask:

      Will this eGPU (connected to your 13″) drive three or more 4k monitors? If it does, I think this’d be a great 1 cable solution for us productivity users. I also think a lot of us non-gamers are curious about this.

      I recently upgraded to a 15″ MBP2016 for the purpose of driving three 4k monitors (which my 13″ MBP2015 could not). I’d love to go back to a 13″ form factor.

  4. Can I use this eGPU with a rx480 and connect it to a 15′ MacBook Pro in order to use final cut pro x? Will the software use the internal or the external GPU for rendering/exporting videos?

  5. I love Macs whit built in dedicated GPU. but eGPUs are good as well.
    (if apple don’t put normal GPUs to Macs)

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