iOS 12: Top Features & Changes!

A look at a dozen top iOS 12 features. Which new feature is your favorite? Full post:

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– DJI Ronin-S:
– Sennheiser MKH-416:
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– Luxli Timpani:
– Fotodiox 18-inch Flapjack:
– Universal Audio Arrow:


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52 Comments on iOS 12: Top Features & Changes!

  1. So far my favorite feature is performance, my iPhone 7 feels like new again. Makes me truly realize how bad iOS 11 was.

    • Inshal U unless you opt for it, now there is an option available which states that if your battery is declined you can optimise your phone’s performance or choose to nothing at all. Also iOS 11 was bad and it was slow even with new devices. They changed the slowdown coding instantly after it came to surface. iOS 12 is simply optimised nothing about removing the coding

    • bhuuhbbhuuhb actually it wasn’t so yu buy new phones each new phone has a more advanced and highly technological chip which is why the updates had to slow phones down

    • bhuuhbbhuuhb You are confusing throttling with older iPhones. This doesn’t apply to iPhones with a perfect battery. Also, coding wouldn’t affect performance, they just made it more optimized. Obviously a smartphone will slow down in 5 years, expecting them to stay fast forever is ridiculous.

  2. Wifi and Bt are still active when you turn them off from the Control Centre. Flashlight still doesn’t work on low power. Notifications didn’t get the same iOS 9 feature to perform any custom actions on them, like deleting mail not opening it. I can’t get it. Worse and worse decisions in every release!

    • Jahseh Onfroy not really. He paid for the device, he deserves to expect things from devices he paid for which is available in competitors.

    • Wait if you’re talking about when your battery is low why would that even bother you… how often do you need to burn through the tiny last bit of battery you have left with your flashlight?

    • Have you tried turning wifi and Bluetooth off from iOS internal settings? That way they will be turned off for good.

    • Jan Tißler
      I was an Android fan . I had an note 8 . But a week being on a iPhone 8 Plus red . Well let just say I’m loving it. Yes android do have bells and Whistles but the iPhone thing work and does it better then android

    • Androids are disposable phones. Last a year and a half at max from both a Software and a Hardware standpoint. Each iPhone that I have owned has lasted an average 3 years while still looking good and with latest software.

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