Pixel 2 XL with Android P…from an iPhone user [9to5Mac]

Could the iPhone X take anything away from the Google Pixel 2 XL with Android P? What do you think?

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85 Comments on Pixel 2 XL with Android P…from an iPhone user [9to5Mac]

  1. Why does everyone keep on about having to pause when swiping up to invoke the app switcher?? You simply swipe up and right and you don’t have to pause at all……

  2. You can switch between the last two apps on the iPhone by simply force swiping in from the left side of the screen. No interaction required.

  3. All of these things are nice, but the #1 feature I would want is Siri to be able to control 3rd party music apps (like Google Assistant + Spotify).

    • Yuno Gasai it’s a pity really. Under Jobs iOS was far ahead of the competition. Now in terms of AI, customization an features it seems primitive… Not even basic functions like programmable SMS messages in app camera settings or clipboard, let alone split screen multitasking, picture in picture, connected apps for multitasking on screen widgets or Launchers.

    • The 261 likes say it’s not just you. Idk what these comments are talking about.

    • Whoda Kat dude u haven’t operated pixel I have operated both and I felt the pixel to be more smooth and specially more fluid compared to the iPhone x but they were close .
      I also compared the s9 with iPhone x and found the iPhone x was more smoother.

      But I will definitely disagree regarding the part Android is not as smooth as iOS specially the pixel . I felt Android is specially in pixel has surpassed apple when it comes to fludity of the os and I am not being a fan boy here I have compared and held them side by side

    • Farhan Chowdhury dude u dint operate the pixel . I have operated both and felt the picel to be more fluid for the first time in history I felt an Android device which surpasses iOS in terms of fluidity

    • americanv8ss what’s RESLLY cool is after you get your Android phone. You can turn the speed of animations down to completely off. It really makes your device seem so much faster. And it doesn’t look bad at all…

    • There is a difference between faster and smoother. Pixel has faster animation yes absolutely but iPhone like smoother? Nope.

  4. that moment when you realise android P early beta is more stable than 8 month old stabled ios 11.

    • Big Chole Spoken like a tech illiterate moron if you think that you can simply copy/paste code like that. I’m willing to bet you’ve never coded anything beyond Hello World.

    • Corey Forde no it didn’t. Just swipe from the feed to the apps. You see that major studder? That’s something I don’t even see in Android 9.

    • Michael Adel that’s if you don’t mind the notch. If the pixel 4 ends up getting a notch, (both models) I’m just going to another company like essential if they ever make another phone.

    • I went iPhone 6+, 7+ and 8+..Then when I got the Pixel 2XL, I can imagine this being a phone I keep for a few years w/o upgrading. It’s not perfect, but it’s damned enjoyable to use and Google’s homegrown apps are great. The only thing missing is something as good as iMessage but Messages for Android just came out on web so I can access from any PC.

  5. I Use a mac but I can never get myself to use ios ever again. It is like walking with a huge splinter in your leg, very annoying.

  6. Thanks Jeff. Its always good to see what other manufacturers are doing. I’m a diehard iPhoneX and Mac user but I am becoming increasingly annoyed at Apple’s closed ecosystem. And Apple products are also becoming increasingly non-intuitive and downright difficult to use in some respects and the quality is not what it used to be. I want to keep my options open so this video helps.

    • Roger F Lol, after the 6s, apple has not tried anything new. Instead of making useful features like multitasking and stuff, they decide to make the Iris scanner which is jus nonsense to me. Also everyone that has a iPhone is paying for the brand which in this case is sad. If the priced the X at 800$ buck it would be fine.

  7. Android is SO refine nowadays that makes iOS 11 look like Android 2.0 back in the days. OS wise Android is far superior than iOS and the only thing keeping Apple fans happy is iMessage, let’s be honest everything else is a lot better on Android.

  8. Damn!! Pixel 2 is drop dead gorgeous.Planning on switching to android from ios.Hope i’m making the right call.:)

    • sin #1 in smartphone world: don’t buy a phone from june to october. wait for the remainder of flagships to be released (note 9, new iphone’s, pixel 3/3xl, new motorola Z, huawei mate 20/20 pro) unless it’s an emergency.

    • Yeah I am waiting for the new iPhone lineup, would be really tough choice between pixel 3and that budget iPhone.Sometimes waiting seems to a be a intelligent choice.

  9. there is another gesture in iPhone X: if you hold the power button you can switch to Android

    • Just saying, the Messages app on android (well, the google one) is becoming more like iMessage in the near future. there are a few articles about it, they are already working on a solution, which is – well, not so easy to do since they don’t have the “advantage” of having a fully closed ecosystem.

    • Navi – Google can’t do that , because Android open source platform and manufacturers have their own default apps, so it’s difficult for Google to add a default messaging app only thing it can do is another “Google” app
      (Not Google app , but app made by Google)

    • And it will be one year later until like 5% of Android phones will officially have the public release of it.

    • Fabio Mota well, old flagships and budget phones are what people buy the most. They don’t really need android p features, they barely know what operating system they are using. Peolle that do care and have an old phone will just root and install a custom rom.

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