18 Comments on Should you buy the new Mac mini 2014?

  1. what you did not mention is that mac mini has a very good sound card, much
    better than on macbook. i don’t know about imac i did not check. and i
    assume it’s 2014 version since it’s in apple shop and its near christmas
    although i need to find out. but ye sound card on mac mini is very good.
    also i don’t understand why it’s always set to minimum quality, needs to
    open audio midi setup application and set both hz and bitrate to best
    options. i don’t know why macs stay on best option by themselves. weird,
    anyway the sound is really excellent on mac mini 2014, they don’t say
    anything about it but i connected my headphones to it it sounds very good.
    sound on macbooks in comparison is really not that good. and on ipads is
    not that good either. it will play clearly but it will not output all
    dynamic range of the headphones, only mac mini does.
    i wonder if it’s only because of a better sound card and wheather i could
    buy an external sound card that good. apple does not mention anything about
    sound card but it’s definitelly a lot better than on macbooks, i’m not even
    mentioning the ipads and iphones cause sound on them is almost the same or
    similar as on my iphone 3gs. the sound card on iphones and ipads is really
    basic there in comparison to mac mini new one.

    • +Luke Marples and also because it’s quiet and uses very little power it’s
      great to use as a computer you have on all the time like if you want to
      download torrents files 24/7

  2. There’s always a hope that a “Hack Mini” might come into play to get around
    the “Apple Tax” and lack of aftermarket upgradability. :)

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