The best Hackintosh GPU?

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What's the best Hackintosh GPU, the RX 480 or the 1080 Ti? The answer is, it depends…

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30 Comments on The best Hackintosh GPU?

  1. You are the only one giving us real thought out solutions to our Mac needs! Thank you! Any tests with the 1080ti and 480 in Premiere would be greatly appreciated as well!

  2. Why is it that these reviews and benchmarks only mention video production as a “professional” task that computers are used for? There are other areas of professional work that others would appreciate attention to like architectural rendering times or CAD application performance.

    • +C Ford that’s a fair question. I guess it’s because I have little to no experience with those applications and would sound totally ridiculous attempting to speak on them with any authority.

  3. can you do another test with Premiere and After Effects? that would be great!
    never thought that AMD card could outperform Nvidia with fcpx though

  4. cool~
    but i may build a hackintosh with dual boot of windows, so i will choose gtx
    btw, will there be a step-by-step of setting up dual boot of windows?

    • +JJ Robles it’s Final Cut Pro but exported using the custom Compressor option in the sharing panel. Once you set up Compressor, Final Cit Pro will see your custom settings. If you’re using Final Cut Pro X you should be using Compressor IMO.

    • Ah, so it was a Compressor preset then. I always send my finished project to Compressor to manage multiple targets there, and forgot there was a preset option.

  5. did you delete prerendered cache files between tests? i wonder if that could cause such a win for AMD 🙂

  6. i think its high time big tech channels start talking about hackintosh more and show you can actually work on it as a full time daily driver

  7. My hackintosh wont run with amd gpu 🙁
    Can you make a guide on how to install hackintosh with amd gpu?

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