watchOS 3: The Dock explained

The new Dock in watchOS 3 is a game changer for the Apple Watch. I explain why in this video. Read our full post here:

Watch our hands-on watchOS 3 walkthrough:

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39 Comments on watchOS 3: The Dock explained

    • 🙂 I think it looks pretty cool. I did have a question, though. Can you add
      any app to the dock, or is it limited to only certain apps?

  1. I love this, but is there any way to get the friends interface to appear? I
    don’t want them to stop having it in watchOS as for me it was the most
    useful feature as it made it easy to message people

    • I’m afraid you can’t bring it back but an easy alternative is to have the
      phone/message app first in your dock, so only a few more taps, I know it’s
      not convenient but probably the easiest solution:P

  2. Note: You CAN rearrange apps in the Dock by tapping+hold, drag!. This
    didn’t work for me until I reboot, so YMMV.

  3. I got a question that nobody got the answer so it’s a question and a
    I’m dying to upgrade my Apple Watch and got it all set for upgrading to OS
    3 , also my 6S it on iOS 10 already. My question is: Downgrading iOS 10
    back to iOS 9.3.2 is easy ( in case of a jailbreak coming out ) but what
    about the Apple Watch can it also be downgraded, and if not will it still
    work on iOS 9.3.2 or will I end up with a dead Apple Watch till iOS 10
    jailbreak will be out???
    So this is your challenge you already upgraded your Apple Watch so you can
    experiment for all of us because so many are asking the same question on
    other channels and nobody answers back, will you?

    • Apple Watch can’t be downgraded by yourself. If you install watchOS 3 and
      want it downgraded it has to be sent into Apple to be downgrade back to
      watchOS 2. That’s only during the beta phase as well. If it’s beyond that
      Apple won’t even do it.

    • So even in Beta which any other device you can downgrade you are saying not
      on the Apple watch even if I got the OS 2.2 file you are saying it won’t
      work, that’s crazy.
      Ok so let’s say the Watch is on OS 3 I downgrade my iPhone to 9.3.2 will
      the Watch work like its on OS 2.2 without the cool stuff that on OS 3? Will
      it Sync?

  4. So WHERE are the contacts now that the Dock has replaced that? Are they IN
    the dock?

  5. The Dock is slightly disappointing as I really liked the friends button. I
    had 5 lists I could easily swipe through and dial in to call or text. Also
    Glances and complications were 75% of my use on my Apple Watch. Getting use
    to the dock gradually though.

    Also I’m really shocked about all the battery life complaints. People kept
    saying iOS 10 and watchOS 3 destroy battery life. Both are a little worse
    for me but it’s not horrible at all. It’s not like it’s an hour battery
    life or something insanely poor like that. My iPhone 6s still lasts all day
    on iOS 10, I work 8-4 and at 4 it’s maybe 50% and my Apple Watch is still
    at 20%+ at the end of the day on watchOS 3, which is worse from watchOS 2
    which I barely got to 60% most days, but it’s beta.

  6. I don’t understand all the excitement around this dock thing. They just
    should have built this into glances. Instead of now having to press a
    button to swipe through apps.

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