15 ways to improve iPhone videography with FiLMiC Pro

FiLMiC Pro is a professional videography app for the iPhone and the iPad. It contains deep features like pull points for rack focus, audio meters, 4K at 100Mbps bitrate, and much more. You can get it from the App Store for $9.99: Full Guide:

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27 Comments on 15 ways to improve iPhone videography with FiLMiC Pro

  1. Thanks for putting this up – very useful. How do you evaluate your manual
    exposure in FiLMIC Pro? For instance, I can lock my shutter to 1/48 second
    and then adjust ISO until the image “looks right”. But is guessing the only
    way? I’ve tried tapping into auto, hoping it will preserve my shutter and
    only adjust the ISO, but everything just goes back into freewheel. Thanks.

  2. Wow. This video was awesome. Thanks man! Even more than that, this app
    looks amazing. I’ll be purchasing for sure.

  3. what is the name of the app to export video without losing quality , i
    don’t understand when you mentioned . spell it please. im not native

    • +Shekar Reddy thanks I had the same question but what if I want to edit it
      how should I do to do not lose the resolution on iMovie ? Please help

  4. I bought FiLMiC Pro for the remote companion app and now there is no more
    remote companion app. :(

  5. Terrific explainer video mate, I have been trying to work out some of the
    controls for awhile cheers now I have a good start point to work from
    Regards Russell

  6. at 5:33 you say to use “iTunes File Sharing” – Where is that? in the app,
    another app, or in the iphone Settings? any help on this would be AWESOME!

  7. just got the moon dog labs lense and Im trying to find a good app for it
    and was recommended this one

  8. Gotta be the one video that has almost convinced me to buy this app.
    Perfect overview. One thing, have you, or anybody else, found a way to
    export the full quality footage without iTunes and compression? Or for a
    1080p recording would I not notice the compression really? Thanks!

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