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  1. Woah great ad, I will now buy Boom 3D. Thanks for posting this ad you made with your camera and your computers and your face and your lights and things. bye

  2. I tried this. Passed. You’re better off spending money on a good pair of cans. I recommend either Audio Technica ATH-M50x or the BeyerDynamic DT770 Pros.

  3. So it’s great for headphones. What about external speakers? Will I still be able to hear the difference?

  4. I’ve been using Boom ever since I bought a Mac. It’s great for watching movies, but the best thing about is that it lets you record your desktop audio. It acts just like a normal audio input, so I can now record my desktop sound when I’m screen capturing!

  5. Hi. Great app! Thank you 9to5Mac!!! But I have a question: is there a way to use this code to buy on the Mac App Store? Because there I cannot find where to insert. Thank you!

  6. Boom 3D doesn’t do anything special, it is simply a software EQ. A much better sound quality can be achieved through inbuilt iTunes equaliser itself, however outside iTunes it can be helpful. But outside iTunes (i.e., except for music and movies) the sound quality doesn’t matter much. For sound designing and other effects in Logic pro and Final Cut pro a Flat (unfiltered) sound is more appropriate, at which the Macs are already great. It is redundant at best.

    Caution: There are many bogus apps in the AppStore, one great example is the Squash 2 app $12 to $22 (for image compression) and they dare to charge for version 2 as well, it just uses the built in MacOS (Preview) image compression service and removes the metadata of the file, you can easily — and exactly — achieve that in Preview using Export, and if you want to remove metadata as well (good for web image file) a very simple Automator workflow or AppleScript can do that too, in fact the whole process (image compression with adjustable settings and metadata removal) can be very easily — in less than 5 minutes— implemented using a workflow or script.

  7. Awesome app, I use Boom with my Audio Technica WS1100iS Solid Bass headphone it gives me more volume up and keeping the quality too.

  8. [Sponsored] Experience unbelievably realistic sound on your Mac using Boom 3D
    Experience unbelievably realistic sound on your Mac using Boom 3D [Sponsored]

  9. Ya boi needed to pay for that summer holiday trip. Don’t hate, just ignore my dudes 🙂 The next vid will be lit as usual!

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