14 Comments on Hands-on: Game Capture HD60 S – A handy live streaming companion

  1. Really helpful! I wasn’t aware of this tech at all, and although I would never use it for game capture the streaming function is very handy! Could it be used to capture streaming video from the screen of my Mac? I’m thinking primarily of online tutorials, webinars et cetera. Thanks!

  2. Love this device but the software is shiiiiiiiiiit for streaming. Great for recording but awful for streaming w overlays.

  3. The Game Capture HD app suite is good and usable, but I prefer OBS Studio. @9to5mac have you used it? I’m really tempted to sell my BlackMagicDesign Intensity Pro 4k now for one of these… I think I’ll wait, but the temptation is gonna be there.

  4. How well does the Elgato HD60S capture compared to your Atomos Inferno? Can it do 8-bit ProRes 422? Have you tried something like the BlackMagic UltraStudio Mini Monitor? Thanks Jeff!

  5. Please help! Elgato HD 60S work with MacBook Pro 13 Retina Late 2013??? Who tested, please feedback: -)

    Razer Ripsaw with USB 3.0 with my mac have freez frame: -/ Razer Support told me problem with old version USB port in my MacBook 13 Retina late 2013.

  6. I had an Elgato before and i had an issue where the brightness was so low that I couldn’t really see what I was doing. Is there any issues with this one?

    (MBP 11,3)

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