HomePod Review: Why the future looks bright! [9to5Mac]

After using HomePod for the last month, I don't recommend anyone but the biggest Apple fans get one. But it won't always be that way. Here's why I'm bullish on the HomePod's future. $349 at BestBuy:

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26 Comments on HomePod Review: Why the future looks bright! [9to5Mac]

  1. I don’t get why you have to scan devices or input a code to pair with smart devices in HomeKit. With Echo it just finds it automatically.

    • Krippy Krippy Krippy Krippy Kush Kush Kush Kush with echo you have a bunch more steps and you have to download manufacturers apps, you dont have to on homekit, hence the code, i have both

  2. They really need to improve siri. I hardly siri on my iphone because the functionality is limited. And from what I understand, the version of siri is a dumb down version on the homepod and even the apple tv. Why would apple do that?

    • Because they haven’t really prioritized Siri, especially when it comes to software, even though Siri is pretty decent on iPhone. It’s only on the homepod that Siri is so limited because it’s mainly a speaker. I guess if you don’t use Siri a lot, you don’t really know what its fully capabilities are.

    • Siri is also different on the apple tv. Oh wait, you dont have to comment. I know what you are going to say. It is mainly a streaming device. Lets get serious, we all know that siri sucks when you compare it with the competition. We know that apple will need to update siri to get more people to buy the version of the device. That is apple.

  3. Thanks for the video Jeff. I constantly try and explain this to friends who ask about how it works or do I like it. And you summarize it in the video.

  4. Many of you don’t understand how difficult it is from a security standpoint to make sure that the person speaking to Siri is actually that person. Adobe released some audio software a couple of years ago that literally spoofs another’s voice and it’s pretty damn convincing.

    Many don’t understand the differences between “Audio UI” and visual UI. Visual UI is specific, as in you navigate to a specific app to perform the actions you want. Audio UI is general. How would you handle multiple music apps when you tell the home pod to play you some music? You kinda want Siri to intuitively know that, but we aren’t there yet. These aren’t easy challenges to solve.

    • It’s not true 2:1 yet, I was just testing something. I’ll try true 2:1 in a future video still to come.

  5. I almost 99% disagree. 1% of me wants to believe Apple has aims to further develop Siri and Voice control. But 99% of me analysis and financial reports seem to say it will always be a simple, streamlined gimmick, and Apple will end up landing codec/partner deals to bring other tech into the “homekit”

  6. So, homepod can become the platform that helps Siri improve? Interesting indeed. I hope it does. Everyone benefits from a more advanced Siri.

  7. If Siri isn’t drastically improved in all aspects of the virtual assistant for WWDC, I will flip every table I see in rage

  8. People have been expecting Siri to get smarter for 6yrs. Apple fails sometimes. Remember the iPod Hifi, Home Kit devices and lightning headphones?

  9. HomePod is really looking like a beta. It’s like the original iPhone or Watch in many ways. That’s probably intentional from Apple so that next year, when a better product comes out and the original one wont be able to use some of the new features, you will feel like you’ll need to buy a new one. Or two.
    As about Siri, it’s terrible in many ways, but one has to recognize that it works in many more languages than the others, and that is not so bad considering. The problem is when you mix languages in a command to Siri. I use French (Belgium) in my iPhone 7+ (The HomePod isn’t here yet) and if I ask “Jouez Driver’s Seat”, and pronounce the title part as it should in English, Siri will try to decipher it as it was French words. The weird think is if I pronounce “Driver’s Seat” à la française, which sounds perfectly ridiculous, Siri will actually find it. Same if I choose French (Canadian) which is even more weird as French Canadians are even more likely to mix French and English in their commands to Siri. As a result, I never use Siri other than demonstrating it to others, and that is quite unconvincing.

  10. Yes I agree with Siri and her annoying snark, just set the timer! I don’t need her snarky reply

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