26 Comments on How to fix 5 common Mac problems: Mac troubleshooting

  1. Just got myself a 2007 Mac Pro with 32 gigs of ram. Damn that thing is fast; but it does have one problem. The itunes wont start up. I have downloaded itunes twice & installed it twice, but nothing. Any ideas ???

    • Go to application folder, right click on the iTunes app and navigate to “get info’, scroll to bottom and see if the following is set to: everyone = custom, system = read & write, wheel = read only, everyone = read only… you should be set

  2. I have an existing word document of 88 pages with text & images. I open it on my mac ios using word & edit some of the images. I save the file then re-open to check it and ALL the images (even those I did not edit) have disappeared. Spent 8 hours on it so far and would like to know if anyone has a solution for me. Thank you.

  3. Great video! I have an weird issue with my imac desktop. All of a sudden when I click the sound buttons, the screen goes to where it shows the Dow Jones, calculator & clock. If I click the plus button it does this, if I click the minus button it minimizes the screen.

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