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  1. I would reccomend Avast for Mac, Mac users get the full version for free, Windows and mobile users have to pay.

  2. never had a mac virus, still not sure if i should get a virus scanner though, backups are automatic, i don’t use torrents, run regular updates, ect… I will probably get a virus within the next week now.

    • tripleb4life omg i had the same issue but I kept ignoring those notifications until my MacBook crash down. Now i have no idea how to fix it & thinking of taking it to apple store. I’m curious how did you deal with this situation?

    • dazzling dandelions unfortunately I still have it and I still ignore it. One of the solution I found is to avoid using one web app. I was using safari only and it kept opening pages. I downloaded Chrome now I don’t have that problem. I think what I’m going to do is uninstall safari before it does something to my IMac.

  3. I’ve found that the so called protection is a myth. It doesn’t actually protect the computer at all. Viruses can get in and then it may do a removal instead of blocking the viruses in the first place.
    I’ve recently changed from Windows to Mac and the security on Mac as it comes seems far superior to Windows. With Windows updates to the operating system it seems to come with no checks and the operator is not asked to enter a password to accept the update whereas with a Mac it’s passwords galore.
    My previous Windows 7 had the full paid Norton security and it was woeful as it didn’t actually protect the PC at all. All scans were “quick scans” and viruses like ad clicker trojan had to be removed manually via the graph section. What sort of a security system is that?.
    Other family members have been on Mac for years (I was the black sheep) and have had none of these security issues. For them internet security programs free or paid are long a thing of the past.

    • Roy Sage Though I love the Mac and am a user myself, the Mac can get infected. Despite being a very secure person I have gotten infected by advanced Mac cleaner and thank god I always scan my Mac frequently. Despite doing almost nothing I had a background download and I saw it and I decided to do a system scan.

    • +igot60min
      Sure! Bitdefender Virus Scanner is free and has very high detection rates. It does not, however, have real-time protection. Real-time protection is when a file is scanned the moment it is downloaded or opened. Every time I download a file, I scan that file and do a full system scan. If I’m really concerned, I’ll upload the file to https://www.virustotal.com/#/home/upload where an array of 50+ antivirus’ will scan it and deliver to you their consensus. If you want real-time protection, go with Avast. Just be wary of the fact that their popups are extremely annoying and loud. Be sure to have safe internet practices and routinely scan your computer. I do it once per day+every time I download a file. You need only do it once per week+every time you download a file, but I prefer to be on the safe side. Also, you can preview a webpage by force clicking it. Just press extra hard on your trackpad and then it should highlight what you force-clicked in yellow. It will then open the webpage with less risk. Hope this helped!

  4. …I’ve always got that .spotlight virus… and it affected almost all of my Applications… it’s annoying i need to restore my unit to it’s factory setting…

  5. If you’re gonna get a scanner get a legit one from the app store – Bitdefender seems to be the best option in my experience

  6. Free tip: do not work as “administrator”, but as a regular “user”, whenever you like to install software, MacOs/OSX will inform you to type the admin credentials. Use an adblocker in your browsers, and use your common sense. I use Mac systems for over 15 years now,… never failed me, even a scan with “Malwarebytes” proved this method works.

  7. Despite the security threats mentioned above, you don’t need anti-virus software for the iPad and iPhone – not that there is any anti-virus software available for the device. iOS is designed and built to only accept and install software that has been approved by Apple and run through the App Store.Sep 22, 2015

    • thehegt Tr what about if users using websites?? You can get viruses from different ways, not just downloaded applications

  8. Please apologise to every mac user and delete this time wasting video. macs get hackers, viruses, adware just the same as any computer.

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