Review: 2018 MacBook Pro – more than skin deep

Hands-on impressions with the 13-inch and 15-inch 2018 MacBook Pro. Buy from B&H Tax Free ( ) in most states.

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63 Comments on Review: 2018 MacBook Pro – more than skin deep

    • Its still throttling. Just not like it was before. The chasis is way to small to handle an i9 going full tilt.

    • AlphaNoob facts. But it’s still the lightest and slimmest to have an i9 so it is what it is.

    • Dan Verber They didn’t completely fix it. It is a hardware issue and it’s partially because Apple somehow seems to think that energy it’s something that just goes away somewhere never to be seen again.

    • Dan Verber they also made that keyboard because they found out that they’re less version was not resistant to the slightest bit of dust and rather than admitting it they will replace the last Generations keyboards what’s the same old crap. Remind you this is riveted into the frame as well

  1. Thank you for a video. What about comparison between i7 2.6 and i9? Can’t find anything. Do you perhaps palm to compare the performance between them? I am just trying to see if it’s worth putting £260 more for the i9. Thanks 🙂

    • Morgan Pugh I’ll wait for some proper reviews as I’m not so in the rush but you are most probably right. Thanks 🙂

    • I’m using the 2018 MacBook Pro 15“ standard configuration of the 512GB Model. 2.6GHz Intel Core i7-8850H and Radeon Pro 560X

      Geekbench results are
      SingleCore:5184, Multicore:22260

      Single Core seems to be 6.5% faster and multicore is 4% faster.

      Cinebench results are
      OpenGL 96,14 fps
      CPU 1053

  2. I’d rather have bigger bezels. I don’t get why people make such a fuss about the Mac’s bezels? Keeps you nicely focused on the screen

    • yes it does. If you have a 15.6″ laptop with big bezels its gonna be bigger than a 15.6″ laptop with very thin bezels. Which means the overall laptop is gonna be heavier especially if you use good materials.

    • AlphaNoob – size and weight are not interdependent. Case in point, 15” MacBook Pros are lighter than a 15” Dell laptop.

    • If you take a laptop and make the bezels bigger that laptop will be bigger overall and weigh more.

  3. Ok. so how much better is the 2.2 6 core over the 2016 2.6 quad core i7 ? Or should I go for the 2.6 6 core… I don’t need a highly powered laptop since I already have an iMac Pro 10 core complete with all possible upgrades.

  4. Had my 15″ i7-8850H, 32GB, 1TB, 560X for a couple of days now and love it. So glad I returned my XPS 15 to get this instead.

    • Md. Faisal Mahmud trust me for 3d models 1050ti is not as good as 560x in macbook pro. but i personally recommends you build a desktop for 3d model since someone in linus team kill his laptop by using 3d models on his laptop. you can build a i7 8700k with rx580 for 3d models since rex 580 beats 1080ti in 3d modles

    • Great choice, all of the Dells I’ve ever had had a very short lifespan before becoming a brick. I have gotten more reliability and productivity out of my macs over a longer period of time.

    • Hi, glad you liked it. I’m getting the exact same version as you except mine only has 16gb of ram as I don’t need 32. Getting it soon

    • I just recently bought the dell XPS 15 with 16 g ram 512 storage 4K screen and I haven’t had any problems that this guy said he had with his my dell works great. Even with this though I’m actually considering returning it and getting a mbp 15 only because the battery life isn’t the best I can get around 5-6 hours doing basic things like surfing the web watching YT videos but that’s not good enough for me this would be my daily driver I take it to college and Idk if I’ll want to keep it if it only gives me 5 hours for doing basic things and it’s even worse if you’re doing things like editing pictures, videos, using illustrator. So I’m considering getting a mbp 15 only if it has better battery life if the XPS has at least 7-8 hours of battery life then I’d be totally fine with it.

  5. No, the bezels don’t need to be smaller on the MBP. Stop acting like that is some super important feature on a laptop/display.

    • Less bezels look better and have a more elegant and modern look. crApple is just out of date and underperforming.

    • There is nothing elegant nor modern about small bezels. Small bezels looking good is subjective. Apple computers are always high performing regardless whether you like them or not.

    • they’re pretty small when you compare it to the 2015 retina, I think they’re a good size right now. otherwise we’d be stuck with awkward webcam placements or even worse, a notch on my laptop (i dont mind notches but keep them to phones, keep them off my laptop)

  6. I Disagree strongly with the bezel criticisms, the xps bezel-less display looks like a picture without a frame, I hate that look because it is distracting, leave the bezels alone! They are just right! They serve to focus your eyes on the display.

  7. Rather wait for 2019! In no need to upgrade yet. Maybe Face ID will arrive next year or so. And thinner bezels and the 9th gen intel chips! Have to wait an see. Apple’s Mac department is evolving is some weird ways, some complete, some controversial. Apple needs to get rid of the bugs and gate issues. Whats the next gate? Anyways your review is awesome. Two thumbs up. Precise and very clear. Really helps me rethinking of an upgrade. I’m not a youtuber and or use Final Cut Pro, etc. High intensive graphic is pretty much not my cup of tea, but if I had a 2018 for a little bit of a future proof and as a home base for all my Apple products. This 2018 MacBook Pro will do for basic tasks and searching the web, and more.

  8. Macbooks are not good for engineering. I go to Notre dame and study computer engineering. Everybody in class last semester had a pc laptop. Macbooks are just not good for engineering no matter how nice it is and fast it is. This is a nice macbook but not good for what I need It for.

    • Absolute nonsense. In the real world the only engineers who use windows are people coding in .net or MS Server admins. Everyone else (majority) use either Mac OS or more likely a flavour of Linux such as Ubuntu.

    • chris johnson I’m assuming for engineering purposes you really need professional graphics. You won’t get that from any laptop. Quaddro or Radeon Pro Wx 9100 video graphics cards would do that job for you but not anything consumer grade, surely ?

    • Lee Marshall I don’t like Ubuntu. It’s annoying to me, however everyone is different. I use BlackArch and Arch Linux

  9. I’d rather Apple leave the bezels alone and drop the price than cut the bezels by 20% while still keeping the FaceTime camera in the top and jacking up the price.

  10. I’ve never had an issue with crumbs and dust on my keyboard because I don’t eat around my macbook and I lay a micro fiber cloth on the keyboard before I close it up.

  11. I got my 13 inch MacBook Pro today and I LOVE it! It’s so beautifully designed and it actually works great for the games that I need to play, like the sims 4.

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