31 Comments on Vectornator – an awesome FREE illustration app for iOS [Sponsored]

  1. That thumbnail and description comes across as a bit too `Shilly`.
    Calling it promoted and not just sponsored could have been better, though we appreciate the honesty

    • I think it’s fine. They need to make money. They make it obvious that it’s paid for content and they don’t just take on any junk so you still get introduced to quality and channel relevant products. So shilling a bit sometimes is fine by me.

    • Yeah, I kinda agree although tough to call out Jeff and 9to5 because compared to most they are legit and transparent. Many videos might be sponsored by an entity unrelated to the content, just like any TV show. It’s a different thing for a TV show _ABOUT_ a toy to be sponsored by the toy maker, and such a video should be disclosed in a different way. That said, most other YTers (you know who the bigboy >5M, >10M-subscriber channels are #lew #casey #marques #austin #linus #etc.) are downright charlatans (and borderline or completely illegal– FTC is asleep on this issue) and completely opaque about who is paying them for what, so I can almost let this one slide. Watch any Lon.TV video and read the description and related links to see how to handle this correctly and transparently.

  2. I have a channel I make videos on and I’m gonna use this to make thumbnails and other stuff. Thanks for this!

  3. This app makes me kinda suspicious. It’s completely free with no In-App Purchases, no ads, etc. and they have the money to sponsor videos? I won’t feel right trusting them unless they make their business strategy clearer.

    • Their business model for now is based on valuation rather than revenue. So what they are doing is running around and appealing to venture capitalists. Their importance is more about user base than sales and the potential revenue from that. Although you pay for procreate (which is basically free. $5 for that app is waaay undervalued), they make more money on value rather than the app directly. If you downloaded the app on launch it was free, and 8 or 9 years later you are still getting free upgrades. They even removed the in app purchase of brushes. The user base can only grow so much.

    • DMN they can’t harvest much from an iPhone without permissions

    • Vectornator does not harvest any data… and Procreate started out as free too… there might be some paid options later, but for now, growing user base, working with the community for building a better vector graphics software is the current priority..

  4. This makes me a little uncomfortable. The app is free. There’s no in-app purchases. What’s their monitization strategy? If something seems too good to be true….

    • Most likely. Nobody talks about it, but procreate was free on launch 😉 I think it’s free because user base is low. Concepts is another app that was free and then they have all these things you can download for $$$ or ¥¥ in my case.

  5. I’m waiting until the Pixelmator team’s Vectormator app. (With an M, I’m assuming these guys used an N to avoid that).

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