Apple Watch Series 4: top features

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Features discussed
– Major redesign
– Reuse same watch bands
– Faster S4 system in a package
– Redesigned Digital Crown
– Electrical heart sensors
– Stronger Haptic feedback
– Same All-day battery life
– New stainless steel gold
– 50% Louder Speaker
– Relocated microphone
– Brand new watch faces
– Fall detection
– watchOS 5

My 🎥🎙gear:
– Sony A7 III:
– Sony FE 16-35mm f/2.8 GM:
– Sony FE 85mm f/1.4 GM:
– Sony FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro G OSS:
– SmallHD Focus OLED Monitor:
– DJI Ronin-S:
– Sennheiser MKH-416:
– Sennheiser AVX:
– Luxli Timpani:
– Fotodiox 18-inch Flapjack:
– Universal Audio Arrow:


FCPX Plugins by MotionVFX:



28 Comments on Apple Watch Series 4: top features

    • You just gave me an idea… What if wireless charging on an iPhone could function in reverse to charge the watch as that is likely to die first. Damn I have so many good ideas, why can’t I design for apple.

    • What if you could set your iPhone or apple watch down on the palm rest of your MacBook or MacBook Pro to charge either device…

    • +Christian Henriques-Tant Do you REALLY think you “deserve to design for Apple” with those pretty common and unimaginative (and unrealistic) ideas? Lmfaoooo. Ideas aren’t the problem. It’s practically, keeping costs down, implementation, and feasibility that’s the issue. Anyone can come up with shitty ideas like yours, no offence.

    • Timothy L doesn’t seem like you are the smartest too. First, you could of course put a little induction field on the Palm rest of your Macbook. Second, those are not so shitty ideas and apple would be capable of doing the first and last.

  1. Love watching every YouTuber unbox and own the stainless steel versions while I sit here with my poor man’s aluminum……

  2. THANK YOU JEFF!!! this was the most interesting review video I’ve seen for the AW4!! I want one now! haha

  3. i was just watching the very first Apple watch keynote and in the demo video it had all the different watch bands spirling out, just like in this unboxing video packaging – i thought that was a nice throwback from Apple

  4. I really want that watch. I didn’t want to get the previous watches because they were too bulky. But now they have slimmed it down, I am going to get in the future.

  5. Hey guys can anyone point me towards a video I’ve been looking for? Im trying to find a review or unboxing of the Apple Watch 4 44mm Stainless Steel (Silver Color) with the Milanese Loop but I can’t seem to find that specific model. Thanks!

  6. Great to see and compare screen size and size of the general Watches of 38mm and new 40mm Watch thanks nice info.

  7. everytime i hear jeff benjamin from… my brain always defaults to idownloadblog even over a year after you switched! great vid

  8. It’s a nice redesign, but it’s not enough for me to upgrade from my series 3. Even though the speaker is louder the series 3 isn’t low either. Why does your watch need to be extremely loud? I want to hear what Siri says not for everyone else too. The only people that I feel that should upgrade are those that have an original Apple Watch or the Apple Watch series 1, even those people would be impressed with the series 3 and its price at this point. All the new features that the series 4 has, your average consumer isn’t going to be using them, maybe for the first week or two. After that they’re just going to use it just as they would with every other Apple Watch. I feel as though only Apple Watch power users should get the series 4 and those power user are a small percentage.

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